1. Watching you, watching others.


  2. Kings At Heart.


  3. I’ve lost a lot of motivation.


  4. Bliss.


  5. Chai and I did a little trip a few nights back.
    I learnt a few things off watching him do his thing.



  6. The streets I roam.


  7. The Great Depression.


  8. Coen | She Cries Wolf.


  9. photographersdirectory:

    Hi, my name is Blake. 
    18 years old and residing in Australia, I’m motivated by my love of the world around me and the music created within it.

    I think I was originally inspired by the intensity of a live musical performance but lately i’ve been more inclined to try new things like capturing Australian landscapes and cities.

    I shoot mainly with a 35mm, but occasionally a 50mm.



  10. The Golden Pig.