1. My favourite photos are the ones with my smiling friends in them.


  2. Anonymous said: You're an amazing photographer. Seriously dude, your stuff is inspiring. I love your photos you've taken in the streets of Brisbane and your gig photos are incredible. You totally capture the moments and convert them into art. I myself am fond of street photography as a form of self expression and I can see it just pulsating through your shots. Please dude, don't stop because Brisbane needs more street photographers with passion like yourself - dave from creative drinks

    Thank you very much dude!
    No plans on stopping any time soon, I love this and I appreciate the kinds words so much.


  3. My mate doing a trick, cool.


  4. Malice.
    Support this fucking band.


  5. Puppy!


  6. Abandoned DFO.


  7. Basement in The Basement, Canberra.


  8. The road to Canberra.


  9. Protest against the actions of Israel.


  10. The streets of Sydney are full of life.