1. Basement in The Basement, Canberra.


  2. The road to Canberra.


  3. Protest against the actions of Israel.


  4. The streets of Sydney are full of life.


  5. Kings At Heart.


  6. I’ve lost a lot of motivation.


  7. Bliss.


  8. The Great Depression.


  9. Coen | She Cries Wolf.


  10. photographersdirectory:

    Hi, my name is Blake. 
    18 years old and residing in Australia, I’m motivated by my love of the world around me and the music created within it.

    I think I was originally inspired by the intensity of a live musical performance but lately i’ve been more inclined to try new things like capturing Australian landscapes and cities.

    I shoot mainly with a 35mm, but occasionally a 50mm.